mofu - BD Mobler Armchair with foot rest

BD Mobler Armchair with foot rest

Manufactured and designed by BD Mobler , Finland.
Oak wood shell upholstered in leather.
Glide opens the sitting angle by up to 6 cm and continues the work of tilt to transfer
the centre of gravity to the whole back. At the same time, the connective muscles stretch,
pressure on the vertebrae falls and the back relaxes.
Chair turns 360 degrees and returns to original position. The neck and shoulder muscles
remain relaxed, when the viewing angle is always correct. The sitting direction always returns to
its original position to suit the look of the room.
Tilt of the stool can be adjusted. The legs receive optimal support and don’t need to be stretched.
If necessary, the stool can be used as a separate seat.

Chair: Length 70 x Depth 80 x Height 110cm
Stool: Length 44 x Depth 38 x Height 43cm.

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