mofu - Zero Gravity lounge chair

Zero Gravity lounge chair

The zero Gravity blans chair is a timeless classic designed by Peter Opsvik in1984.
It offers you an almost weightless feeling due to its zero gravity position. The radical design is a true innovation in seating, delivering balance and support throughout the body.

Peter Opsvik designed a chair that can be used equally well for taking a light snooze as for working on the computer.

Sitting in the Gravity Balans allows you to alternate between different body postures. You can easily lean forward or simply lean back and rest. The Gravity chair responds immediately to your shift in bodyweight without the need for motors and trailing electric wires.

In the most reclined position your feet are placed higher than your head - a position to provide ultimate relaxation and create the zero gravity position. One can understand why this recliner has proved popular with sports professionals who appreciate the recuperative benefits that accrue with regular use.

The gap between the headrest and the tilting backrest provides space for freedom of movement for arms and shoulders. Unlike conventional reclining chairs, lumbar support actually increases in the reclining position.The rocker base enables use of chair in upright or reclined position. The height of the headrest is adjustable.
There are three set positions for this chair; one upright and two stages of recline
Molded cherry beech wood, upholstered with green Alcantara.

Dimensions: Width 73 x Depth 135 x Height 122 cm


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