mofu - Sky flyer pendant light.

Sky flyer pendant light.

Lokki (Seagull in Finnish) handmade hanging pendant lamp.
Two identical halves of opal white acrylic shades fit together with chrome screws that connect
with chrome chains to suspend airily from the round white cord--giving the impression of a flying saucer,
hence its other English nickname Skyflyer.
Designed by Yki Nummi (1925-1984) originally for Stockmann-Orno in 1960, it earned
a Milano Triennale prize the same year. With his interest in the relationship between matter and light,
Yki Nummi was one of the first designers to use the new post war acrylic and plastic materials for lighting,
and he created with these simple materials masterpieces of Finnish design now known worldwide.

Small Size
Diameter 50 cm

Large Size
Dimensions:Diameter 70 cm
+100 Euro +VAT

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